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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. She is based in Singapore.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably either had experience with both good and bad psychics, or you’re shopping around to make sure you get a good psychic when you finally book a reading.

For a while now, I’ve been thinking about writing an article about good versus bad psychics. Now bear in mind, when I talk about good or bad, it’s a LOT more than just whether they were accurate. 

Even a broken clock tells the time right twice a day, and even the best psychics can have ‘off’ readings or simply not click with their clients.

It’s all about the intention.

A good psychic possesses positive qualities that pertain not only to ability + competence, but also to character + ethics.

Next week, I’ll write a post about the qualities of a good psychic. For now, I’ll share about an e-mail I received last week from a self-proclaimed ‘psychic’ whom I would NEVER recommend to anyone for a reading. The full text of his e-mail is at the bottom of this post, if you’re interested in reading that kind of thing.

So… based on that person’s e-mail, here are the 5 signs of a toxic ‘psychic’. Please bear in mind that this is not a comprehensive list. Also, these signs can be used to recognise any toxic family member, loved one, co-worker, or basically any person who wants to benefit themselves at your expense.

The key term here is ‘ego trip‘. Once you sense this happening, avoid the toxic psychic!

Here we go – the 5 signs of a toxic psychic!


1. They make themselves appear powerful.

The writer begins with some lame flattery, then moves on to bragging about himself: “I am a fellow psychic reader… I just happen to be friends with your Spirit Guides”. Oh really? I wonder why my Spirit Guides didn’t tell me. After all, I’m very close to my team. We speak several times a day, every day.

And yet – gasp! – it appears they’ve been hiding things from me! Like a surprise present! The writer says my Spirit Guides wanted to give me a gift… through HIM! Omg omg omg can I just say I’m very humbled and grateful that my Spirit team loves me so much, they decided to pick some random assclown off the street to give me a present I didn’t want and didn’t ask for!!!

Check out this screenshot:


With his miraculous ‘psychic powers’, this writer then tells me that my Spirit team has been blabbing my secrets to him. Such as my most closely-guarded secret wish to gain “more exposure and customer base” [sic]!!!


Show me one project, one venture, one organisation that deliberately sets up shop with the aim of gaining LESS exposure and SHRINKING their customer base.

NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE deliberately seeks to fail. Except maybe the writer of this hilarious e-mail.

This is one clear sign of a scam reading: when the information given is so incredibly vague and generic it could apply to anyone. Yet it’s a common tactic that psychic scammers use to gain the trust of gullible clients.

Be alert when you keep getting vague ‘messages’ like this from a self-proclaimed psychic reader who claims to be BFFs with your Spirit Guides, but can’t tell you anything worth shit.

Another thing about my Spirit team: they keep my secrets very well. I trust them with my life.

There’s actually one thing that I’ve been working on very closely with my Spirit team. The energy of its manifestation is very strong and it’s been building up over the past couple of months. Other psychics I’ve spoken to, real psychics, say they can sense its energy around me even though they don’t know the details.

Of course, this huge energy field missed our e-mail writer entirely. He must not be a very good psychic. Also, he must not be very good friends with my Spirit team – if he ever was their ‘friend’ at all.


2. They offer unsolicited help/advice.

Be very, very wary of complete strangers who nosy-parker their way into your business and tell you what to do. You can bet your last dollar they’re not seeking to benefit you, but themselves.

Look at this bizarre screenshot:


A true Spirit practitioner, above all, respects boundaries and free will. A true Spirit practitioner, especially an ‘Angel reader’ as this clown calls himself, understands that we are all born with freedom of choice, and this must be honoured. Even the Angels themselves do not interfere with our free will.

the saying is true: fools rush in where angels fear to tread.


3. They give you a ‘reading’ without your knowledge or permission.

This links with the previous point: a good, ethical psychic seeks permission before reading someone, and respects boundaries. Because the Law of Karma states that every action incurs consequences, and we all want to accrue positive karma for ourselves. Reading a person without prior approval is the equivalent of hacking into someone’s private e-mails, and the Law of Karma does not take well to this type of bullshit.

‘Reading’ a person without their knowledge or permission, with the intention of boosting one’s own ego, incurs shit karma. that person might write a blog post about your stupid ass e-mail.

Why? Because an unauthorised reading is really nothing more than an ego trip. The toxic psychic desperately seeks to gain power + control over his intended victims, so he will say or do whatever rubbish suits his agenda. Check out this screenshot where he babbles about some Spirit Mother rubbish:



When I say rubbish, I mean goddamn RUBBISH. In all my years of interacting with my Spirit team, I have NEVER had a Guide who called herself my Spirit Mother.

Our Toxic Psychic is clearly talking out of his ass. Also, I’m very happy with my Testimonials page, so I’ll keep it this way. (By the way, have you read it yet? Feel free to check it out, and get ready for a whole lotta love!)


4. They put you down.

So why is this perfect stranger so intent on ‘helping’ little ol’ me? To the point that he’s willing to ‘make friends’ with my Spirit team (more on that later) and talk at length about what he perceives as my flaws and weaknesses? This guy really goes into detail here – check out the screenshot:

It’s simple: he’s insecure.

People who are unhappy with themselves will drag you down with them. Toxic psychics take it to another level, and will use their so-called ‘gifts’ and ‘spirituality’ to make you as miserable as they are.

Principles of marketing, huh? Sure, dude. I went over to check out his Facebook page and this is what I found:



I also checked out his Testimonial page on his website, since he had such a huge stick up his ass about mine.


Folks, I’m not someone who brags for the sake of bragging. But here are some facts and figures you might like to know about Kelly Lightworker, as on 30 August 2017:

Based on the facts, who should teach whom the principles of marketing?

Dude, your jealousy is showing. Not a good look.


5. They try to create a false sense of intimacy.

This guy signs off with the creepiest one-liner: “I am [name redacted] and I am your Spirit Friend”.

No, you’re not my friend. You’re some random asshat, a complete stranger online who had way too much time on his hands and decided to go on an ego trip at my expense.

And this, my darlings, is how toxic people (not just psychics) attempt to earn your trust and weasel into your life. They make it out like they really care about you. This is an attempt to get you to trust them and give them more of your money, your time, your energy.

It’s a lie.

I’ve seen many people get scammed, heartbroken, and bitterly disappointed by toxic psychics who position themselves as BFFs/ spiritual mentors/ business partners/ lovers, then dump them once the money, sex and/or entertainment value runs out.

Whether this fool who e-mailed me is capable of such shenanigans, I do not know – and neither do I care. What I do know, though, is that his e-mail was riddled with warning signs of a toxic psychic, and I feel that this e-mail is a timely real-life example of what to avoid when you’re looking for a psychic, Tarot reader, energy healer, medium, or any Spirit practitioner.

Bet you wanna know his real intentions though…


Bonus: The big reveal

I spoke with my Spirit team and asked them about the veracity of this guy’s claims. None of them had spoken to this guy. One guide helpfully suggested, He sees what he wants to see.

I wouldn’t ever want a reading from a psychic who sees only what he wants to see. Would you?

I then did a quick Tarot spread to discover what was appropriate for me to know about his true agenda in contacting me. Notice the difference, folks. I respect boundaries – even the boundaries of a fool who’d clearly tried to violate mine – and in all my readings, I don’t snoop around. I only want to know what I’m meant to know.

I asked to know what his desired outcome was, and this card popped out. So much for a ‘psychic’ who offers Angel Readings:

The Devil represents oppression, the abuse of power, narcissistic control, and the ego trip.

You can’t make this shit up.

I will not reveal this person’s name on a public domain – I will spare him the public humiliation (as well as the publicity). I’ve left the last four digits of his mobile number visible in the screenshot of his e-mail (full text below). If any of you would like this person’s full name, to avoid booking a reading with him by mistake, let me know and I’ll message/e-mail you his name and contact number privately.

Take note of these 5 signs of a Toxic Psychic, trust your gut + keep your wits about you, and you should be fine. 

Next week: how to recognise a good psychic.

Love you all. Stay safe + be well!

PS – Here’s the full e-mail. He later sent me a second one inviting me to some ‘spiritual event’. HELL NO I’M NOT GOING.

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