Kelly’s Tarot & Goddess Divination, 24-30 Jun 2019

Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. A priestess to Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, Kelly is based in Singapore.


Lots of things are happening in the skies as June comes to a close. On 21 June, the Solstice occurs – the Northern hemisphere commences Summer season and the Southern, Winter. This shift in our energetic consciousness coincides with the major transformations in the Earth’s energy field that we’ve been experiencing for the past few weeks. Endings and beginnings are arising in our midst, and many of you have either observed or personally experienced them. It’s an exciting time for us all.

From 21 June to 27 November, Neptune retrogrades – meaning that the planet travels along an orbit that appears to be going backwards (although it actually isn’t). Neptune represents our creativity, imagination, and fantasy life. Work well with these energies and Neptune can inspire you to align your reality with your aspirations, co-creating your dream life with the Universe.

But working with Neptune requires balance and practicality. Those who don’t keep their feet on the ground will find themselves adrift in a sea of delusions, emotional turmoil, and mental instability.

Working effectively with retrogrades also requires a willingness to reflect, review, and rework your steps thus far. Being open-minded about your strengths and weaknesses helps; being in denial doesn’t. This is tough to hear, but true:

the Neptune retrograde will test our willingness and ability to get real, and to stay on track –

by making it harder to.

Those who stay on target, with honesty and humility, will do very well. Those who want to get back on track will fight the good fight, and may the odds be in your favour. Those who refuse to take responsibility for their lives will be swept away by the dark side of Neptune retrograde: confusion, lies, lots of tears and tantrums, rampant insecurity, delusions of grandeur, and full-blown craziness.

Why so much talk about responsibility and reality checks? Because of this week’s reading. So let’s get to it.


LEFT: THE MOON REVERSED.When the Moon appears in reverse, so much depends on the choices you’ve made so far, and where you’re planning to go from here. The Moon, when upright, signifies a lack of clarity, a tendency towards self-deception and delusion, as well as instability (and, in some cases, insanity).

When reversed, you’re given a choice: either end this lunacy by seeking the Light in whatever situation you’re facing, or remain in denial and be stuck in dark limbo for a long, long time.

The choice is yours. You don’t have to play the victim. In fact, you stand to benefit from taking responsibility for yourself. Will you?

MIDDLE: JUDGEMENT. This card represents karmic realignment, a major crossroad, and our power to make a huge difference in our lives (and others’) with the choices we make. Significant, potentially life-changing outcomes are either on the way, or they’re going to start hitting hard this week. Brace yourself for impact. The rodeo/roller-coaster ride is about to begin.

Whether you’ll enjoy this ride depends on:

the choices you’ve made leading up to this point.

and the karmic merit you’ve accrued so far.

RIGHT: SIX OF SWORDS REVERSED. If you’ve been living your life on the wrong side of the tracks and you want to get back on track, is it too late to change? With the reversed Six of Swords, the answer is: Yes and no.

For some of you, it’s still possible to make the change with relative ease. For most of you, your redemption will not come without struggle, and the repayment of karmic debt. It’s still worth the challenge, though.

Some people, however, will be stuck: thinking to themselves that they want to change, even imagining themselves making the necessary changes, but never actually doing anything. Make sure this isn’t you.

Always remember: real change requires real action. Whatever you need to change, do it while you still can – before the Universe steps in and makes the changes She wants to make. When that happens, you won’t be consulted for your opinion, and you don’t get to whine about how you don’t like the new cycle.

Alternatively, nothing happens, and you’re stuck for a long time. If you’re not happy where you are in the situation you’re facing, staying put isn’t good news.

Real change requires real action. Do it.






Since young, you’ve worked hard;
Earning your fortune without
Asking for help from others.
Rising up the ranks through sheer effort,
Your current success belongs to you completely.
(Trans Tan Kelly)

This week, the Goddess has given us an upper lot, indicating Divine favour. What inspires the Goddess to bestow this grace upon us – or rather, who is worthy of this grace?

The Goddess Guan Yin answers this question clearly and unequivocally: the one who has worked hard since young… rising up the ranks through one’s sheer effort. This divination lot reminds us that the Goddess sees all, and rewards us according to our karma – which, translated into English, simply means action.

No need to get all super-spiritual about it. In fact, you’ll find that the people who make Spirituality a complicated or dramatic affair usually are complicated drama queens themselves. Others may insist that Spirituality means you just sit around and be a doormat – these people usually use ‘Spirituality’ to justify weak, lazy, and/or irresponsible behaviour. Your Spirituality is a reflection of who you really are, after all.

True Spirituality is simple: make the right choices, be consistent in your efforts, and success is yours. And take responsibility for yourself – there’s no need to ask for help from others when you already know what to do, and have the means to accomplish it.

Real change requires real action.

Make the right choices, be consistent, and you will be blessed.

Have a great week ahead!

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