Kelly’s Tarot & Goddess Divination, 10-16 Jun 2019

Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. A priestess to Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, Kelly is based in Singapore.


As Universal energies continue to evolve upward and onward, many of us are feeling the excitement of something in the air.

Transformation is not coming.

it is already here.

Some of you may be feeling a sense of anticipation even if there’s no huge change happening in the physical realm. Some others may be feeling lethargic, heavy, or slightly odd especially in the joints, back, and solar plexus area/ digestive system. If there’s no medical explanation for it and you’re otherwise perfectly healthy, good for you. These are old and stagnant energies leaving your energetic field as you prepare to transcend and evolve in Spirit. 

This week is a wonderful time to reflect on how far you’ve come, to understand that many cycles are ending right now, and to get ready as your life goes up another level.

Let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: TEN OF SWORDS. The end of a cycle that was characterised by a sense of exhaustion, burnout, possibly even defeat. Some of you may have recently undergone shifts or transitions in your life that felt almost like a death. If this is you, take heart – the worst is over. 

Now get up and look ahead – what do you see?

MIDDLE: FOUR OF WANDS. It’s a wonderful sight to behold. The Four of Wands is a card that represents being on the right track to receiving the promised rewards for your diligent efforts. When this card appears, remember: life is a constant work in progress. If you make the right choices, stay on track, and persevere, your future is bright and beautiful.

For some of you who have already given of your best and are now waiting upon a situation to develop further, this card is a good omen: you can be assured of progress and stability

RIGHT: NINE OF WANDS REVERSED. Know when, how, and with whom to let down your guard – sometimes it’s okay to relax. Also be mindful of the people who don’t deserve your openness and vulnerability, as well as the situations where you’re better off not taking a risk. The key to navigating this successfully is to use your discernment. Avoid the extremes of recklessness and paranoia; higher wisdom is very often found in the middle way.

Watch, observe, and take note of the truth in people and situations before you commit yourself to any form of engagement. Then take the trash out, and keep only what’s precious. 






In the longest summer days,
We fret over the unseemly heat.
Heaven and Earth understand us,
And send cool breezes.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

This divination lot portends some form of Divinely-inspired breakthrough in a stagnant or complex situation. When this lot appears, you are advised to act mindfully. Your favourable time is at hand. Stay calm, for your salvation is at hand.

Move carefully and strategically to avoid regrettable difficulties and dilemmas. Above all, do what is right – this lot speaks of Spiritual alignment, and the powerful intervention that can come about when you are in a good place with Spirit and the Universe.

The traditional explanation for this lot states that its intended recipients may proceed with their plans; all outcomes will unfold as they desire. However, do not assume that this will still be the case if your choices and courses of actions are all wrong: Heaven is not stupid.

If you do not align with the Higher Powers,

you cannot expect Them to understand you.

much less intervene on your behalf.

Understand this core tenet of Spirituality, and you will do very well.

Have a great week ahead!

*          *          *          *          *

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