Kelly’s Tarot & Goddess Divination, 25 Jun – 1 Jul 2018

Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. She is based in Singapore.

This article kicks off a new series of weekly readings. As instructed by the Goddess, I’m combining the Tarot with the Goddess Guan Yin divination lots to give you a heads up for this week’s energies – and how best to navigate them for the highest and greatest good. If you’re wondering where the Oracles went, no fear – you’ll see them later in the week. #staytuned

Without further ado, let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: TEN OF SWORDS REVERSED. This week holds incredible potential for happy closures and brave new beginnings. The Ten of Swords reversed indicates that you may be feeling heavily burdened, but this time of darkness can and will end – provided you make the right decisions. The Universe is looking kindly at you and asking with a smile, Are you really all that comfortable where you are, or do you think it’s time to get up? Observe how the ten Swords, in reverse, are bound to slide out your back sooner or later (thank you, gravity).

Do what it takes and get up!

MIDDLE: KING OF WANDS. When this card appears for you, it’s time to make big plans for the future. Awaken the visionary in you. Fire up that old ambition. Allow your survival instincts to kick in. Trust your gut and go with what sets your heart on fire. Even if you’re not feeling great (yet), sometimes you just have to get with the programme – life is not going to wait for you!

This card can also represent the role of a person in your life who’s charismatic, helpful, and full of   positive energy. As a King, this usually represents a physically/psychologically mature man – but could also signify a very strong and confident woman. This person could play a part in how things develop this week.

the King of Wands represents blessing in making major decisions. You’re likely to make the right ones – trust your intuition and make authentic choices.

NB: make sure you make those choices soon, though – the 2018 Mars retrograde starts in Singapore on Wednesday 27 June at 4:41 am (Singapore Time)*, and lasts till 28 August. Unfortunately, the energies of Mars retrograde tend to complicate any proactive decisions made. Peeps in Singapore: as much as you can, make up your mind on whatever it is by Tuesday night!

*It starts on Tuesday 26 June at 4:41 pm (Eastern Time) for those of you who don’t live in Singapore!

RIGHT: ACE OF CUPS. Make the right decisions and this beautiful card is your outcome, darlings! The Ace of Cups represents one of the most gorgeous energies of the Tarot. It heralds a new beginning that brings emotional + Spiritual healing, joy, and breakthrough. It’s also an amazing card for relationships. Something new and very, very special could begin for some of you this week. If you’ve been concerned about your ties with someone who’s already in your life, this card indicates the possibility of change for the better – reconciliation, a better mutual understanding, perhaps even a new start of sorts.





The poem:

“Like a dry spring refilled with fresh water,
Joy flows forth once more.
All your sorrows and sufferings
Belong to the past.”

When this lot appears, you’ve been through a lot recently and you are understandably feeling low. But the situation won’t change as long as you indulge in despair and self-pity. Be of good cheer! The Goddess assures you that the worst is over. This is the time to make the right decisions and take proactive steps, reaching out to friends and superiors who can assist you. Set to work patiently, and do not force what resists your control. A powerful benefactor will play a role in assisting you once you have proven that you are willing to help yourself.

Have a great week ahead!

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