Kelly’s Tarot & Oracle Reading, 29 Jan – 4 Feb 2018

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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. She is based in Singapore.

Wow, where did the time go! Can you imagine we’re already heading into the second month of 2018? This year so far has been intense, and I’m loving it! 

2018 is truly the year of the Divine Feminine – I’ve always been close to Her, but this year the Goddess has arisen in my life in a powerful way that I’m very, very thankful for. I love Her so much, and things are going to change quite a bit around here now that She’s in charge.

This week’s big event is the lunar eclipse in Leo on Wednesday 31 January. (In Singapore, the lunar eclipse is total at 9:29 pm – and yes, you can see it!)

Eclipses bring with them the energy of profound transformation. They herald massive, unexpected, and often shocking change. They shake up and reset your life, leaving you to rebuild and restrategise an even better version of yourself for the future.

Work with an eclipse, and you’ll find yourself happier, healthier, stronger and wiser. Ignore the lessons of the eclipse, and your life will fuck up spectacularly – I’m not exaggerating. Things will not go your way for a long time.

If anything, eclipses teach us humility. We learn to focus on what we can control, not to sweat the small stuff, and to understand that it’s all small stuff.

we’re just specks in the cosmos.

On to the reading for this week!


LEFT: KING OF WANDS. This week, be bold in your plans + actions. Let ambition and vision guide your path, and don’t be afraid if challenges present themselves: sometimes the Universe tests us to ensure that we really want what we want.  An authority figure – usually male, although this could also be a very outgoing and confident woman – could play a helpful mentoring role in the outcome of events.

MIDDLE: ACE OF WANDS REVERSED. An exciting new opportunity appears that is characterised by its potential to boost your creativity, career, and/or passion for life. Even in the reversed position, it’s not necessarily a bad sign – just bear in mind that unexpected delays and setbacks could pop up, and work around them (this is eclipse week, so you might as well brace yourself for it!).

With a reversed Ace of Wands on the horizon, flexibility is always a good thing.

RIGHT: TEN OF CUPS. This is the Happy Ever After card, and a lovely one to get! Ask yourself what would give you optimal bliss in life, and do what you can to make it happen. As a Cups card, the emphasis here is on emotional wellbeing, spirituality, and good relationships. Some of you may find it beneficial to spend time with your family and loved ones after the hustle and bustle of the week are done.

Balance and harmony are key to living the good life. Make it happen, darlings.


BE BLESSED: FORK IN THE ROAD. For many of you, your blessing for this week manifests as the opportunity to make a key decision in something you’ve invested your energies in. Be fully present when making this decision and remember: so long as you’re not harming yourself or others, whatever choice you make will be the right one. It’s just a matter of what path you want to take and what lessons you want to learn along the way.

BE CAREFUL: CLEAN IT UP. And here’s your reminder for the week – it’s time to clean house! If you’ve found yourself bogged down by old energies, toxic people, obsolete assumptions, self-limiting beliefs, situations you’ve outgrown – clear all that gunk out, stat. (A word to the wise: this is a very smart thing to do in preparation for an eclipse.) The Universe wants to give you so many blessings and chances to start anew – you’re gonna need empty hands and minimal baggage in order to grab and hold onto those opportunities!

BE ADVISED: SERENDIPITY. When you’re making those key decisions and cleaning up that old stuff, know that you’re not alone. You can and will be assisted by Spirit! Step into alignment with the Divine and you can expect the unexpected, in the most awesome way possible – lucky breaks, signs and synchronicities, and tiny miracles will abound to encourage you and keep you going.

BTW, this blessing is conditional: you first need to align yourself with the highest good.

Choose love, light + truth, and all will be well.

Choose pride, lies + ego, and you’ll be eating bullshit all the way.

You know what to do! Have a lovely week ahead – and oh hey, if you’re free next Saturday 3 Feb 2018, come down for a Tarot reading with me at The Cat Museum, Singapore! Tickets cost $38+ and all proceeds go to The Cat Museum, Singapore.

Details, baby:

  • Where: The Cat Museum – 8 Purvis Street, #02-02, Singapore 188587
  • When: Sat 3 Feb 2018, 6 – 8:30 pm

Click here to buy your tickets and stand to win a free tarot reading or pet communication session with me, worth $150!

See you there!

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