This Week’s Tarot & Oracle Reading, 2-8 Oct 2017

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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. She is based in Singapore.

This Thursday, 5 October, welcomes the Full Moon in Aries. This marks a milestone in the astrological year of 2017-2018: Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so each astrological year begins with Aries. The Aries Full Moon represents the first harvesting of the seeds we planted six months ago, during the New Moon in Aries. 

It’s a good time to assess our achievements, and to start planning for the coming astrological year.

This week’s reading is a zinger! I’ve combined my usual weekly Tarot reading with an overview from an oracle deck, the Wisdom of the Oracle – I’m so excited to share Spirit’s message with you. Here we go:


LEFT: THE WORLD REVERSED. So close, yet so far. When The World appears ill-dignified, you may have achieved what you thought you wanted, but the end result wasn’t entirely awesome. You didn’t get that sense of satisfaction or closure you’d been hoping to achieve. Depending on the situation, you can either choose to learn your lessons, move on and make your next pursuit a much bigger success – or you might have to wait it out a little until you get the opportunity to tweak your current situation.

MIDDLE: TEMPERANCE. When Temperance appears, we are reminded that wisdom lies in balance + moderation, not radicalism. To resolve an impasse, bring together disparate viewpoints and values to form a coherent approach to things. If you’ve been sitting on the fence about a particular matter, remember that not making a choice is, in itself, a choice.

Temperance advises reconciliation or compromise to get things back on track, if plans were derailed previously – as the World in reverse suggests.

RIGHT: WHEEL OF FORTUNE REVERSED. And what happens when you choose Temperance over stubbornness, indifference, or whatever it was that flipped the positive potential of The World upside-down? The reversed Wheel of Fortune answers this question:

Simple. You get your power back.

People who stubbornly sit on fences often find that their power is taken from them. Other people, factors, and circumstances frequently step in and take over, leaving the fence-sitter confused, helpless, and a self-created victim. Instead, be willing to adapt to change, and to accept other perspectives as valid – this enriches your worldview and equips you with more tools to overcome your challenges.

Temperance is a card that’s often overlooked in the Tarot, but in this reading, the message is clear. Harness the gentle power of Temperance, and you will become the rightful co-creator of your own destiny – you could even turn the Wheel of Fortune on its head.



BE BLESSED: YIN. Here, the Oracle affirms the Tarot’s message. This week is all about soft power – receptivity, acceptance, and the reconciliation of opposites. Consciously create the space for breakthroughs to occur by yielding, considering multiple perspectives, and being kind to yourself + others.

BE CAREFUL: NO PLACE LIKE HOME. In the warning position, this card reminds us of the need to be authentic, to feel “at home” in ourselves. Compromise and reconciliation only works if all parties are honest – otherwise, it’s a recipe for resentment and future disaster. You can’t control other people’s emotions and responses, but you can be honest about yours.

Start from a place of being honest with yourself, and trust the Universe to let the blessings flow.

BE ADVISED: SOUL MATES. This is a great week to reach out to the people, animals, and other sentient beings around you who make your life beautiful, meaningful and joyous. Temperance in the Tarot reading above indicates that for some of you, reconciliation and forgiveness may be necessary.

Based on the previous card, No Place Like Home, this could be with someone who’s literally living with you at home, or someone who was so close to you that being with them felt like home.

Life’s too short to bear a grudge against the ones you love. Why not make up and move on together?

Again: you can’t force other people to reconcile if they don’t want to, but the willingness to forgive and the intention to rebuild + move forward can only start with you.

All best, and have a lovely week ahead!

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