This Week’s Tarot Reading, 25 Sep – 1 Oct 2017

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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. She is based in Singapore.

This Thursday, 28 September, energies run reckless and high: expansive Jupiter in Libra directly opposes volatile Uranus in Aries. 

Jupiter’s energy expands whatever this wily benefic comes into contact with. In a direct face-off with iconoclastic Uranus in hot-headed Aries, expect lots of bluster and possible blow-ups. This Jupiter-Uranus opposition is the third in a series of three, and the last in a long time (their other two oppositional tangos occurred on 25 December 2016 and 3 March 2017; can you remember if any memorable bust-ups happened then?).

Relationships come under the spotlight, and even more so now that the life-giving Sun is all cuddled up in Libra, THE sign of partnerships, harmony and fair play. Darlings, this is not a great week for having The Talk about where your relationship is going. But if you must have that conversation, remember to breathe, pause, and be consciously + mindfully loving – both toward yourself and others.

Remember to breathe, pause, and be consciously + mindfully loving – both toward yourself and others.

Release your need to be right, and your compulsion to have the last say. Understand that one’s need to control a situation frequently stems from fear. Confront those fears – don’t project them on other people. Heal yourself first – you’ll find that the situations themselves become a lot easier to resolve.

And Heaven help you if you do something stupid like play power games with your loved ones this week.

Rebellious Uranus absolutely resists any form of control. Try that shit with My Way or the Highway and/or Woe is Me, the Eternal Victim (playing the martyr or victim is a particularly fucked-up form of emotional manipulation), and you’ll find that Uranus + Karma do not play.

But of course you’ll play fair, because you’re awesome. Let’s get to This Week’s Tarot!

LEFT: NINE OF WANDS. When this card appears, many issues and challenges are in your face, demanding your attention. There’s almost a sense of exhaustion from all that firefighting, but despite the damage that’s been sustained, you’re still willing to get back in the fray. Well done, and brave of you – but how can you best act in order to attain your desired outcomes?

MIDDLE: JUSTICE. The Tarot suggests that your best bet is to play fair. When Justice appears, karmic energies are especially strong in this situation. You’re being watched – not only by the Universe, but also by significant people in your life whose opinions of you will affect how far you go, be it in your relationships, social network or career.

So be wise. Avoid power plays. Keep your hands clean. Do what’s right and fair, and let Karma reward you as you deserve.

RIGHT: TWO OF WANDS REVERSED. When this card appears, be open to a change of plans. There’s a lack of perspective that has adversely affected how you view your choices – and your personal power – in this matter. Consider carefully the choices you’ve made; you might need to rethink some strategies. Additionally, it might be time to review your choice of partners.

be open to a change of plans.

*          *          *

The past few weeks have been wonderfully busy for me: I was prepping for + taking part in the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix 2017, followed by the Public Garden Consumer Trade Show.


After all that hustle I’ll be taking it easy this week: resting, recharging + prepping for the next phase of Kelly, Lightworker. If you’re reading this, thank you for your love and support. Have a great week ahead!

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