Weekend Spirit Message, 4-6 Aug 2017

[Photo by Bryan Minear on Unsplash]

Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. She is based in Singapore.

Thank God It’s Friday? On Friday 4 August, Jupiter in Libra forms a direct square with Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter functions as an amplifier of Universal energies; in Libra, we experience an amplified focus on Libra-esque issues such as justice, harmony and relationships.

On the other hand, Pluto likes to stir shit up. This planet’s energies are often called transformative, which is Politically Correct New Age speak for what we Chinese call Burn your house and beat your mother. (Lol.)

Exactly like this.

In the male-dominated, leadership-oriented sign of Capricorn, Pluto throws bags of horseshit at ceiling fans on full blast, whilst dragging skeletons out of everyone’s closets. Jupiter, in fair-minded Libra, expands the energetic focus on issues of power, integrity and justice.

Expect a slightly elevated likelihood of power struggles and/or a “My way or the highway” attitude from the people around you. Be mindful of your own responses, and understand that this is the Universe’s way of showing us the shadow aspect of ourselves. She holds up the mirror and says: This is the darkness that you, as one human race, are capable of. Are you going to stay like this, or are you going to work on yourself and move forward?

This weekend, be mindful and patient.

Be patient with the energy of this square. It will take a while to dissipate, and then next thing you know it’s the eclipse so that’s more transformation coming for us – but that’s another post for another day.

As you may already know, we’re in eclipse season and this year’s most powerfully transformative period. The first of two eclipses will occur on 7 August, but many of us are already feeling the pre-eclipse vibes: restlessness, lethargy, an odd tension in the air, and the unexpected resurgence of old energies, issues, people and/or situations in our lives.

The old is passing; the new is arriving. Are you ready?

This weekend’s Oracle card is The Witch at the End of the World:

When this card appears, a profound and significant transformation of our lives and our world is on the horizon. Major change can be unsettling, traumatic, or even feel like death. In many ways, some form of energetic or spiritual ‘death’ is occurring, but there is nothing to be afraid of.

Sometimes the old parts of us have to pass on in order that newer and better versions of our Selves can truly emerge. Be courageous, my darlings, and think of this transformative process as a journey that will not end with the End of the World, but the Beginning of a new and wonderful you.

Have confidence! The Universe is kind.

And have a lovely weekend ahead.

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