Weekend Spirit Message, 21-23 Jul 2017

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So much to unpack so let’s get to it. On 20 July, warrior planet Mars rolls into Leo and stays here until 5 September. This is good news, people. 

Mars, that fiery little red planet that influences our levels of energy, passion + enthusiasm, was awkwardly rollin’ in the deep for a while in the waters of Cancerian season. Mars is far more comfortable in the element of Fire, though, and Leo is the Fixed Fire sign that signifies mastery + leadership. So over the next few weeks, take full advantage of Mars in Leo. Be bold and f*cking courageous. Muster the confidence to take significant steps towards fulfilling your objectives. Be brave and make changes; be even braver and break the mould where necessary.

Mars in Leo says: Be bold and be strong. You’ve got this.

On Saturday 22 July, the Sun moves into Leo; the Celestial Lion’s season officially begins, bringing out the inner royal in all of us. Not to be outdone, the New Moon glides into Leo on Sunday 23 July. The energy of new beginnings is incredibly powerful this weekend – this is a time for dreaming big, loving with all your heart, and living larger than life.

this is a time for dreaming big, loving with all your heart, and living larger than life.

Our Oracle for the weekend is the Carnivorous Greenhouse:

When this card appears, be warned: as you express yourself and enhance your self-worth, you’ll inevitably attract emotionally + psychologically unstable people who are drawn to your light and want to steal it for themselves. You know who these people are. They always have some kind of crisis that requires your assistance. They sneak into your life with flattery, lies and manipulation, unable to live healthy lives, and leaning on you to save them. After every interaction with them, you feel drained. And should anything bad happen to them, it’s all your fault.

You can choose to let these people slowly crush all the life force out of you. You can choose to let them f*ck up your life while you sit there, tired and miserable, wondering how things came to this. But you don’t get brownie points in heaven for being a victim.

Let’s be clear: according to Spiritual Laws, you earn good karma for doing good. Not for being nice. Certainly not for being weak.

Leo energy is all about self-assertion, true heart-centred living, and inner strength. You can do better than to allow energy vampires, narcissists, and similar parasites to crawl all over you. Stand up for yourself. Keep them at a distance – better yet, kick them out! Focus on developing your innate awesomeness. You deserve to live your best life.

I’ll leave you for now with a message from this famous Leo – Madonna.

Welcome to Leo season 2017, darlings. Strike a pose.

Have a fabulous weekend, all!

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