Weekend Spirit Message, 14-16 Jul 2017

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Energies at the close of this week are calming down a bit, just a bit, before we set off again next week (but that’s a post for another time). For now, the latter half of this week sees the Moon swimming through mysterious Pisces until Friday, then culminating in a quarter-moon in assertive Aries on Sunday.

As you look forward to the weekend, it’s a good time to disentangle yourself from icky-sticky messes that the energies of previous weeks have facilitated; if you can’t disentangle yourself yet, at least take some time off for a much-needed breather.

Pisces rules the feet, and Aries the Cardinal Fire sign is always up for burning calories – the next few days are ideal for a long walk in nature, signing up for that half-marathon, or starting dance classes.

We’re in the watery depths of emotional Cancer season, so go ahead and vent that steam!

One nice thing about this weekend, though: expressive Mercury is sextile to expansive Jupiter for most of this weekend on 13-15 July. This is a wonderful time to start making plans (especially travel plans… year-end jaunt to Kyoto, anyone?), bonding with loved ones + important people in your life, and getting work done on creative projects.

With Mercury sextile Jupiter and the Moon in Pisces till Friday, dreamwork could get especially inspirational for creative folks and/or people who might need some help from their subconscious + superconscious to resolve some challenges. Set the intention to receive a message from your Higher Self and/or Spirit in your dreams, avoid chemical substances that disrupt dreaming (alcohol, caffeine and nicotine are common culprits), and sweet dreams!

dreamwork could get especially inspirational…

Our weekend Oracle card is The Winged Seer from the Oracle of Shadows & Light:

When this card appears, you might be in a situation where you have wished for greater clarity; or, perhaps, you might be rolling your eyes and wishing that the other parties in this situation could get a clearer perspective of the truth. You have asked for more wisdom, more knowledge, more insight – the Universe has heard, and Spirit will grant you your wish.

Be careful what you wish for.

Knowledge is not only power; knowledge is also responsibility. When you discover what it is that you have desired to know, will you embrace your newfound gain, or run away? Seeing something clearly is only part of the equation in any journey towards breakthrough. With clairvoyance (which literally translates into clear-seeing) comes the need for courageous action. You will be required to do something that resonates with your true, Higher Self; to step away from the trappings of your ego and your fear; to pursue the highest and greatest good with all your heart.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge demands responsibility. Knowledge brings Karma.

If you desire the knowledge that comes with clear-seeing, you desire a wonderful and noble thing. Be careful how you use it, and how you will act with what you know.

Have a lovely weekend ahead, and rest well.

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