This Week’s Tarot Reading, 19-25 Jun 2017

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A heads up for bleeding hearts and Water signs everywhere: the 2017 Neptune retrograde began on Friday, 16 June and will continue until 22 November in mutable Water sign Pisces, its home turf. In more fishy news, the Summer Solstice (and crab season) is upon us: the Sun creeps into cardinal Water sign Cancer this Wednesday, 21 June, whilst the New Moon in Cancer follows soon after on Friday, 23 June.

In astrology, the element of Water is associated with emotions and spirituality. It’s water, water everywhere this week. The Neptune retrograde provides us with opportunities to discern between the desires of our Higher Self and the delusions of our ego.

With this retrograde in the sign of Pisces, many of these lessons will give us insights into unconditional love, life purpose, and the true meaning of sacrifice.

As we move into Cancer season, bear in mind that Cancer is known as the Mother of the Zodiac. This season is all about strong and loving emotions, home and hearth, kith and kin. Even if you’re not related to one, Cancerians make loyal, nurturing lovers and friends – anyone who wins the heart of a Cancerian is family.

Go clubbing with your favourite Cancerian and you’ll find out soon enough – she’ll be your wingwoman, prop you up before you pass out drunk, and if you start arguing with some random b she’ll take off her earrings and tell your mutual Gemini friend: “Hold my drink – gotta beat a bitch up.” After that, she’ll make sure you get home safe.

A Cancerian’s fierce love is both her strength and her undoing.

Cancer puts the mother in smother: the shadow side of this cardinal Water sign is a tendency to cling beyond what is healthy, and to bear grudges like you wouldn’t believe. This sign is also moody as hell, emotionally sensitive to the point of insecurity, struggles with boundaries, and often has issues with mothers, mother figures, and other important women in their lives.

It is a wise Cancerian who learns to detach – who understands that to everything, there is a season.

Especially when it comes to people and relationships. Cancerians stand to gain once they realise that not everybody will understand or appreciate their emotional depths, and that the nature of life is such that people come and go. Long-term intimate relationships are the exception, not the norm.

Not everyone shares Cancer’s passion for building permanent institutions of love, friendship and refuge. As the fourth sign in the Zodiac, Cancer vibrates to the energy of Number 4: this is known as the “builder’s number”, and accounts for their obsession with creating things that last. Cancer needs to learn…

You cannot build a house of bricks with somebody who offers sticks.

“This is irrelevant to me. My Sun Sign isn’t Cancer,” you might be thinking to yourself. Not so, my darling. Astrology is a lot more than your Sun sign – click here to discover your birth chart (this is a free service provided by the awesome Joan Zodianz) to see where Cancer might feature on your unique starmap. You might have your Moon sign or rising sign in Cancer, and that makes all the difference in understanding who you are and what you can offer the Universe.

This week’s Tarot says:
where emotions abound, our minds must be sound.

Here we go, my darlings:

LEFT: ACE OF SWORDS. This is the third week in a row that an Ace is featured, and the second week in a row that the Ace of Swords is present. The energy of change, transformation and new developments is here for us all. With the Ace of Swords, we are invited to make up our minds about what we truly desire in our lives.

Mental focus and clarity (Swords in the Tarot represent our mental faculties, logic, and communication) is key to achieving our goals. The risk of conflict is inevitable when we set our minds to manifest our dreams, but clarifying our desires and purifying our intentions are essential components of soul growth.

clarifying our desires and purifying our intentions are essential components of soul growth.

MIDDLE: KNIGHT OF SWORDS. This is the third week in a row that the Knight of Swords appears. The Tarot deck is made up of 78 cards, none of which are repeated; if something keeps appearing, it’s definitely a message from Spirit. You can’t make this stuff up.

When the Knight of Swords appears, it’s time to take the initiative and go for it – intelligently. This Knight represents action taken that is calm, logical, and entirely strategic. With all the emotional vibes in the air this week, all the more we need to anchor our actions in choices that are sound and well-informed.

get smart – get a move on!

RIGHT: SEVEN OF SWORDS. This is not the most straightforward card to get in a reading, but as advice it’s pretty solid. The Seven of Swords encourages us to be discreet, vigilant, and thoughtful in our actions. As much as Cancer season facilitates energies of emotional openness, this card reminds us to open our hearts only to those we can rely on, and to be diplomatic when we communicate our feelings. It’s a variation of the old challenge that most Cancerians face: choosing whom to trust, and how much.

No need for paranoia though – the fact that all three cards this week are Swords cards simply indicates that we must balance our hearts with our heads as we navigate our course through this week.

Have a great week ahead!


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