This Week’s Tarot Reading, 5-11 Jun 2017

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This week is interesting, and in a good way! We have two homecomings/reunions on Tuesday: Taurus receives its planetary ruler, loving Venus, in a warm and earthy embrace; on the other hand, gregarious Mercury zips into Gemini, his home ground, ready for a chatty catch-up. While on their home turf, these two planets get a sweet boost in their influence over our lives and our world. After all…

There’s no place like home!

Venus rules love, relationships, beauty and harmony, whilst Mercury rules communication, travel, and technology. For the next couple of weeks, creative/business ventures will be blessed with lots of positive energy – especially if they’re partnerships – and this is a good time to have that important discussion with significant people in your life if you’d like to take your relationships with them to another level.

The Mars-Saturn opposition early last week was challenging – lots of folks were feeling really blah with such confrontational energies. So this week’s planetary movements would come as good news, especially for those of you who have Mars and Saturn featuring prominently in your birth charts (Sun signs in Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Aquarius, take note).

I know of two Aries (ruled by Mars) who got into incredibly shitty situations last week with men in management (Saturn governs leadership and the patriarchy). Thankfully, they’re shaking it off and moving forward (a high-vibrational Aries with an action plan is unstoppable).

Excited about This Week’s Tarot? I am – here we go!

LEFT: KNIGHT OF SWORDS. There’s no coincidence with Spirit. Last week’s reading ended with the Knight of Swords, and this week begins with the same card + energies. This is Spirit’s gentle reminder to us that we are always responsible for our thoughts, words and actions, and that Karma is an incontrovertible Spiritual Law. So, consider yourself reminded: the Knight of Swords calls for steady and strategic action, as well as mental clarity and conviction.

The Knight of Swords tells us to use our heads and get shit done. You have the power.

MIDDLE: ACE OF PENTACLES REVERSED. Even in the reverse position, the Ace of Pentacles is a good card to get. It heralds new potential for growth and abundance; in this spread, I sense that this Ace is upside-down to draw attention to our attitudes towards the good things in life. Remember the Law of Attraction: you draw into your life what you believe you truly deserve. Envy, jealousy, pride, and competitiveness don’t attract wealth or happiness – they attract situations that provoke you to further negativity and cut even deeper into your wounded ego. This is how the root of bitterness grows and makes people’s lives miserable.

What do you desire?

Love. Money. Health. Friends. You fill in the blanks. Everyone deserves these blessings, and the Universe is always willing to provide. If She hasn’t, it’s time to take a step back and ask yourself what holds you back… and act accordingly to clear your path towards your best life.

RIGHT: QUEEN OF PENTACLES. When this card appears, productive and nurturing energies are present. We are reminded to take care of ourselves and those around us in practical ways that promote health, wellbeing, stability and abundance.

You get the promotion by being the best worker you can be, so treat yourself well – burnout gets you nothing but sick leave. Your relationships and self-esteem thrive when you are good to yourself and to those you love – so hug a friend who’s feeling down, help out a struggling co-worker, plan a surprise date with your boo, make a charitable donation.

Notice that the Queen of Pentacles is looking towards the right in this spread – and so is the Knight of Swords. This represents a future-oriented perspective, and is the Tarot’s parting word of wisdom to us for this week:

Look forward, not back.

Have a great week ahead!

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