This Week’s Tarot, 9-15 Jan 2017

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Okay guys, looks like this week could get… very sensitive. All three cards for This Week’s Tarot are the Court members from the suit of Cups, which represents our emotions. Lots to learn from and think about.

Astrologically, this Thursday 12 January brings with it our first Full Moon in Cancer, the Mother and emotional powerhouse of the zodiac. It gets intense – the Full Moon in Cancer is trapped in a Grand Cardinal Cross, directly opposing transformative Pluto in Capricorn, the Father of the Zodiac. Can someone say power struggle? There’s a heightened chance that people will become defensive over their role, value or position in a relationship, organisation or situation. Fearing a loss of power or validation, some folks may resort to harsh behaviour or bullying tactics, whilst others may fall prey to meltdowns and/or passive-aggressive drama.

“Can someone say power struggle?”

Completing the Grand Cardinal Cross with these two are philosophical Jupiter in harmonious Libra, opposing rebellious Uranus in quick-tempered Aries. Here’s the Universe’s hint to us on how to navigate this week and come out in one piece: moderation. No point locking horns because Uranus in Aries will see to it that confrontations spiral out of control. Neither do we give in to bullies or unfair treatment – that only enables their dysfunction.

“Here’s the Universe’s hint to us on how to navigate this week and come out in one piece: moderation.

Let’s take a cue from Jupiter in Libra, folks. Remember philosophy and harmony? We practice moderation and get all those emotions in balance. If tensions arise, hear out the other party/parties and get to the root of the matter – you’ll be amazed at how often people just want to be heard, and the tension is halfway dissipated by the time they’re done sharing. Then seek a fair and just solution for all.

“Practice moderation and get all those emotions in balance… you’ll be amazed at how often people just want to be heard”

Let’s get to This Week’s Tarot!

LEFT: KING OF CUPS REVERSED. The King of each Suit represents external mastery of that Suit. The King of Cups is in complete control of his emotions, but when reversed, the man is a mess. He represses his feelings before exploding with the force of a tsunami, and/or he surrenders to the tyranny of his powerful feelings and subjects others to emotional abuse.

This King could represent you, or someone in your life. If it’s someone else: re-read what I mentioned above (i.e. the Universe’s hint on how to deal). If it’s you: get a grip on yourself, find out exactly what is triggering you, then seek a fair and just solution for all.

MIDDLE: KNIGHT OF CUPS. Knights in the Tarot symbolise action, and the message of the Knight of Cups is to follow your heart. Even in the midst of power struggles and emotional turmoil (both yours and others’), seek to discover and/or clarify your true desires, then take action that aligns with what your Higher Self wants. Please note that I specifically mention your Higher Self, so “beating the shit out of Fred from HR” doesn’t count.

“discover and/or clarify your true desires, then take action that aligns with what your Higher Self wants.”

RIGHT: PAGE OF CUPS REVERSED. The Page of Cups reversed is an emotionally immature person with a victim complex, someone who is emotionally unstable and who depends on others to feel good about themselves. It’s similar to the reversed King of Cups in that the ill-dignified Page is also an emotional mess, but a different kind of mess.

Whilst the upside-down King of Cups chiefly takes out his emotions on other people, the inverted Page of Cups swings to the other extreme and internalises his negativity, indulging in self-pity and self-loathing whilst waiting to be rescued. Both the reversed King and Page would benefit from the same medicine of balance, moderation and equitable solutions.

TL;DR Emotional complexity swells and hits a high this Thursday. Avoid power struggles; seek fair, balanced solutions. Follow your heart and don’t be a dick.

Have a great week ahead!

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