Weekend Spirit Message, 25-27 Nov 2016: Indulge. Connect. Live a little.

First off… Happy Turkey Day to all my friends and readers who celebrate! ūüôā

This weekend, passion for the finer things (and people) in life gets ramped up. On Friday, Venus, planetary ruler of relationships, meets sexy, secretive Pluto in Capricorn, which governs material gain. It’s a good time to treat yourself: get your booking on at that spa you’ve always meant to try out, bond with friends and loved ones over a champagne brunch, or engage in retail therapy with your besties.

On a budget? Then turn your quest for indulgence into a little game! Pluto governs that which is hidden and mysterious: grab a buddy and suss out the best cheap eats and/or bargains in town that you never even knew existed. Or simply spend some time enhancing your relationship with yourself, relaxing and recharging with a good novel, long naps and gentle exercise.

Many of my friends and clients have left Scorpio season behind, feeling emotionally wrung after all that intensity. Dear one, let this weekend be a time of respite. Life can be heavygoing; all the more we need to engage in self-care, especially when it comes to our physical wellbeing. Live a little, connect with others and yourself, and be well!

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