Weekend Spirit Message, 7-9 Oct 2016: The Ocean.

This weekend, we’re out of the Mercury retrograde entirely (including the shadow period which ended 6 October)! From 7 to 24 October, Mercury, the planet of communications, travel and technology, zips into Libra. If you’ve been struggling with getting your point across, tap on Libra’s propensity for harmony, compromise and resolution to help you out.

Our Angel card for the weekend is The Ocean, which dovetails nicely with Libra’s desire for balance and fairness. The Ocean speaks of emotional balance. When this card appears, it’s a good time to regain your inner equilibrium with the healing element of water. Spend some time at the beach or a water park; even a nice long bath and self-pampering session can do wonders for body and soul.

Have a lovely weekend, all! <3

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