This Week’s Tarot, 3-9 Oct 2016

This week, we’re finally moving out of the shadow of the recently-ended Mercury retrograde. For many, change and opportunities are in the air, but the road ahead presents obstacles. No worries! This Week’s Tarot gives us a heads up on what to expect and how to deal. Here we go! 🙂

LEFT: EIGHT OF SWORDS REVERSED. Upright, the Eight of Swords represents a situation where one is stuck and feeling powerless. Reversed, you’re coming unstuck – the shadow period of the current Mercury retrograde ends on 6 October, and Universal energies currently push for change and movement. This should be cause for celebration, but if you’re not feeling it, our next card explains why…

MIDDLE: SIX OF RODS REVERSED. This card indicates victory in the upright position; upside-down, confidence issues abound. Perhaps the challenges of previous weeks or months have eroded your confidence that things will turn out well. Perhaps you’ve lost faith in yourself, in people around you, or in the goodness of the Universe. Just as risky: an intoxicating over-confidence that could translate into rash decision-making, and regrets down the road. How, then, do you maintain a happy balance and still meet your goals?

RIGHT: THREE OF PENTACLES. The Tarot favours a simple, do-able approach to whatever you may be facing this week. When the Three of Pentacles appears, start small. Do what you can with what you’ve got. Work your way up – and out – of whatever situation you’re facing. And you don’t have to go it alone: the Three of Pentacles emphasises the value of teamwork. There are good people who will help you if you ask; your job is to identify them and reach out when needed.

Remember: you’ve got this. Even if major improvements don’t seem be happening, understand that the steps you take this week (humble as they seem) will pave the way for big things to happen in a good way.

Have a great week ahead! 🙂

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