Weekend Spirit Message, 2-4 Sept 2016: What Do You Desire?

This weekend, work with Mercury retrograde energies (and eclipse energies on 1 September for my readers in some parts of the world) to RESET YOURSELF. Many of you are feeling stuck and frustrated, but hang in there, and try not to act on your emotions unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Now is a good time to REVIEW where you are in life and how well-aligned you are with your soul’s happiness. RENEW the clarity in your vision of who you are and what you want out of life.

A Law of the Universe goes: As within, so without. Once you’re sure of the desires within you, the Universe sees and responds, and effective action can (eventually) be taken. But for now, ask yourself what you really want and how ready you are to receive what the Universe wants to bestow on you. And have faith that you will receive!

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