This Week’s Tarot, 15-21 Aug 2016

After the aggressive intensity of the previous two weeks (that’s Leo season for you), Universal energies are keeping the pace up but many things are turning the corner – thankfully!

Watch out for the almost lunar eclipse on 18 August. Eclipses are astrological game-changers, and their energies provide a wonderful opportunity for you to take steps to bring about breakthrough, wherever you’re stuck in a rut or facing challenges. I’m calling this an almost eclipse because this time, the Earth’s shadow barely swipes past the moon, so we won’t actually see an eclipse per se. But the potential to use this energy for your highest good is there, so use it!

With that, let’s get to This Week’s Tarot:

LEFT: FIVE OF WANDS. This is the card of competitiveness, minor drama and possible conflict. However, there is potential for these tensions to bring out the best in us, stimulating our creativity and honing our problem-solving abilities. If people have been rubbing you the wrong way recently, see this as a situation where iron sharpens iron – the Universe is training you for better things to come!

MIDDLE: THREE OF CUPS. Some of you might be rolling your eyes and thinking, Yeah right, Kelly, you don’t know how annoying some people can be. Believe me, I’ve seen some people… lol! 🙂

Here’s the Tarot’s take on how to deal with the aggro: remember relationships. If you’ve been squabbling with a loved one, take time out with them just to enjoy each other and remember why you’re together in the first place. Stop harping on the problem(s) you have with each other; just go for a nice dinner and catch-up. You’ll feel much better (and be in a much better position to work out the issues) once you remember the good times.

But if you’d rather chew razorblades than spend time with those people, then enlist the assistance of your friends. Time for a hangout and venting session – go for it!

RIGHT: THE CHARIOT. This week, the Tarot’s lesson for us is self-control. Here, the Chariot advises us to keep it together. Many things appear to be rushing at their own pace and life can seem overwhelming. But if you desire to overcome your challenges, restrain yourself from lashing out or victimising yourself. You’re the Charioteer of your life: take the reins and lead, with confidence and dignity. You can shape your destiny, starting from your decision to be mindful of your attitudes, behaviours and choices.

Hang in there and have a great week ahead! 🙂

*          *          *          *          *

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