This Week’s Tarot, 8-14 Aug 2016

This week could get intense! Universal forces are surfacing issues that we always took for granted. Crossroads are coming up for many of us. We’ll be asked to take an honest look at our heart’s desires and make the choices that are true to our higher selves. Here we go!

LEFT: SEVEN OF PENTACLES REVERSED. Upright, this is the card of patience. The farmer has done the work and awaits the promised harvest. Reversed, the farmer has lost his patience. The harvest doesn’t seem to be arriving; it’s as if all his efforts have been futile. Have you been feeling stressed, impatient and frustrated lately over a goal that hasn’t been met despite your best efforts?

MIDDLE: FOUR OF PENTACLES. Traditionally called “The Miser’s Card”, the Four of Pentacles speaks of holding on to things, people, values or beliefs that give us comfort. But when we rely on safety nets, we can’t grow or move on. Not only that, what we cling on to may not actually be helping us.

This is especially true if you’re holding on to the hope of meeting a certain goal but it hasn’t been met, and your frustrated aspiration now borders on impatience, almost obsession.

Are you losing sleep over a business deal that didn’t work out? Furious because you weren’t given that raise you asked for? Too proud to ‘lose face’ and apologise to a loved one? In love with someone who’s already attached or simply not interested?

Undue attachments can cause great suffering. What (or whom) do you cling on to? Does this truly serve your highest good, or are you better off letting go?

RIGHT: SEVEN OF SWORDS REVERSED. Here’s the smackdown: the reversed Seven of Swords encourages us to maintain our integrity, be honest with ourselves, and do the right thing. This card is traditionally known as “The Thief’s Card”; upside down, it assures us that if our insecurities and obsessions drive us to do what’s not right, we will definitely get caught. And it doesn’t matter if nobody human sees you; the Universe sees all. Nobody escapes karma. So if you’ve been thinking of bending the rules to meet your agenda, think again.

Maybe you’ve been thinking of cheating on a test, spying on your ex, changing some figures on the company audit, sabotaging that annoying co-worker, or sexting your friend behind your spouse’s back.

Honey, no. 

Listen to the voice of your higher self. You can detach and aim higher. You can lead your best life. You can, and you will, make the right choices. Time to ask the hard questions, then buckle down and do what’s right.

I have faith in you. You can do this.

Have a great week ahead. Hugs for courage! <3

*          *          *          *          *

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