This Week’s Tarot 18-24 July 2016: Time for a new look at career and finances.

Last week’s Universal energies were pretty intense especially in the area of emotion, communication and relationships. This week, I’m glad for the Tarot bringing all those deep feelings into balance with a reminder to pay attention to our practical realities. Here we go!

LEFT: PAGE OF SWORDS. As an event, the Page of Swords can indicate a means of communication that will come your way soon. Here, the Page faces the King of Pentacles so it’s likely to be about money, housing or some practical matter. Expect a letter, phone call or email that brings generally positive news but also requires some form of decision-making from you.

As an energy, the Page of Swords urges us to take a keen, objective look at our day-to-day matters, and address the issues that don’t serve us (especially if they deal with procrastination/stagnation, a lack of clarity, or unnecessary expenditure).

MIDDLE: KING OF PENTACLES. The King of Pentacles can represent either yourself or someone in your life. This King focuses on the attainment of wealth and worldly ambition. He’s the pragmatic provider, the diligent breadwinner. By sheer force of will and action, this King ensures that he and his loved ones are safe and financially secure. When the King of Pentacles appears, we are encouraged to be good, responsible stewards of our potential and resources.

RIGHT: ACE OF PENTACLES REVERSED. Many times, being a good steward of our lives necessitates a balance of objective reflection and decisive action. The Ace of Pentacles is usually an excellent harbinger of new opportunities in money, career and other practical issues. Reversed, this Ace also bears a warning: what we assume to be the path to our success may not always be so. If there are obstacles, consider different approaches you can take to overcome them and attain your goals. Alternatively, you may need to forge a new path entirely to achieve the success you want.

But don’t be disheartened: the Universe’s grace for abundance has not left you. It has only changed form, and once you evolve and adapt to the new dynamics of the situation, good things are going to happen.

Have a great week ahead! 🙂

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